Best Ways to Increase Your Earnings on Bigo

On BIGO live there are multiple ways to increase your bean count which translates into money. While many content creators are aware of the basics they are still missing out on a lot. This post will breakdown the best ways to take advantage of all the incentives BIGO live offers for being a content creator.

As a content creator many are familiar with selling a product, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, selling content etc. BIGO live offers a lot more opportunities to increase you money making abilities.

Become an Agency Owner- Bigo live allow those content creators who has enough KPI to apply for their own agencies. An agency on BIGO is responsible for recruiting host and paying them a remuneration for their tiers. Once that host hits a tier the agency owner is paid a percentage commission from BIGO. The more host, the higher the tier, the higher the commission. This commission is paid in beans on the platform which can then be withdrawn or use to level up your tier as a host

Become a Recruiter- As a new host it is more difficult to acquire an agency or some simply don’t want that responsibility. However there is still a way they can contribute to the recruitment process. A host can choose to work along side an agency and recruit for that agency. The agency owner will then pay them a commission. As a recruit commission can be paid in two ways. Most agency owner will offer anywhere from 1000 -2000 beans for the initial recruit who passes the audition or a percentage of the tier the host hits. Whatever you choose will be aligned with a short term gain or a long term investment.

Start a Family – Bigo live provides opportunities to start a family or an alliance. This is just a group of likeminded individuals who supports each other whether on or off the app. At the beginning of each month your family is assigned a number of points they must hit. If this targeted points are met the family owner will be rewarded with a certain amount of beings as listed below.

🏆 Your family’s rank in this recurring monthly competition will determine your group (i.e. top 1-20, 21-50, 51-100). Each group will earn a percentage of the beans pool based on the prestige points earned throughout the course of each month.

Ex. If your family ranks in the top 20, or GROUP 1, and your family’s prestige points earned equals 10% of the total cumulative prestige points generated in GROUP 1, your family would earn 10% of the GROUP 1 pool (252,000 beans). These bean rewards can now be distributed to the top contributing prestige host.

Subscribe to a VIP package – BIGO live offer 5 different level of VIP package. The two most lucrative packages are the count and marquis. These packages require a hefty amount of beans to subscribe but there are periods where huge discounts are offered to join these packages. The good thing is that you don’t loose the beans. For example, if you were to subscribe to the marquis during the discount period you would need to have 60000 diamonds in your wallet.

Once you’ve joined 80% of the diamonds are returned to your wallet right away and the other 20% gets held for a month. Now how do you make money form the VIP package? While you are required to subscribe for 60000 diamonds the total return is 64200 diamonds. This means you would have gained an extra 4200 diamonds which can then be used in a trade to convert to beans.

Playing in App Games or SL gifts – The platform integrates a number of in app games that you can win rewards from. Most commonly featured is yummy. You bet a certain amount of beans or diamonds with the hopes that your bet will be converted to a Big Win, doubling, tripling or even up to 100 times win. Much like super lucky gifts, if you throw a bell on a broadcaster you have to chances or breaking evening and or earning a big win.

Livehouses – BIGO Livehouse allows you to showcase your talent or knowledge on certain themes throughout the month. When you signup and participate in a Livehouse you are automatically awarded with 3000 beans. During the livehouse gifters can support you and if you finish with the highest number of beans from all participants you are awarded another 8000 beans.

Player Knockouts – Each month BIGO offers what is called a rebate Pk. The most profitable rebate Pks to participate in are those 70% or above. For example in an 84 percentage Pk BIGO sets the max amount of beans that you can received (may 28000). This means that you will be getting 84% bean rebate from BIGO just for participating. It is advisable that you sign up for a Pk for every hour that you will be live during the Pk time frame.

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